We are a dynamic young team located somewhere in the Balkans, more precisely in Bucharest Romania. Until 3 years ago, we didn't know much about this "cryptocurrency" phenomenon. After hundreds of hours lost in front of the computer trying to understand what this new technology will bring and how it will change our lives we decided that Cardano had the best vision for the future and we decided to join the project. We arnot sorry for the e decision taken because it turned out that in this project are involved people with a vast culture and a great experience in the field! Through our project we do not pursue profit or get rich overnight; All profit will be redirected to people who really needs and because we are a transparent project, we'll keep it updated! Our desire is to help, because there is no greater satisfaction and sense of accomplishment like when you help someone! Have you ever thought that a little help from you at the right time can change destinies? We are confident that we can change something, but this requires time, work and involvement from everyone. In conclusion, we are simple people with great aspirations!

With Love from Charity Pool


network operations

With over 12 years of experiences we are familiar with different types of networks and architectures.

server operations

self-education and daily work helped us gain experience in configuring and managing network servers.


what defines us: we are confident, open-minded, we like to listen to the opinions of others, we are friendly and ultimately respectful.


our positive attitude and thinking make us overcome all obstacles and complete the proposed projects.

At Charity Pool it's all about help, family and happiness! Helping someone is the biggest sign that Humanity is still alive in the world. It’s a  source of inner happiness, joy a moment to embrace, cherish. It’s a cycle of nature what goes around comes around so if you help someone who is in need of help then someday at some  moment when you will be in the need of help someone will come to help you for sure. There are people whose past we cannot change but whose future we can change. They need dreams, hopes, courage. We are here for them. Be with us too! Help us become a community as large as possible by inviting your friends to join us. Everyone is welcome, we want as many active and receptive members as possible.